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Florida Coast

On a recent trip to Tallahassee, Kit and I went down to Applachicola for a night, as we always enjoy the small gulf village with its wonderful fish, family heritage and Civil War architecture.

On the way, we stopped at a truck graveyard. I had been there about 10 years ago and I had shot some pictures. I had never done anything with those shots from that time. I was determined to make something out of my upgraded new camera today. Had I learned anything in storytelling?

Well, 10 years ago, on that same trip, I came across this old man in Applachicola, who was willing to pose, (although keeping his eyes open was a challenge for him).

He was a perfect adjunct to the car graveyard. The two belong together! 10 years apart the pictures look like time is relative.

Tallahassee Florida


#cars #oldman #rust #tallahassee

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